Lite 1000 Black

1000 ml / 33 oz

More than 25 million shakers sold.

Durable design 
Keep using it for a decade or more.

100% guaranteed by our Smartshake Warranty.

BPA and DEHP Free
Safe for the environment and yourself. 

Silent mixing
The mixer net snaps into place and stays tight.

Less is more Sometimes you only need more. The Lite Smartshake is our basic shaker bottle with extra large capacity and less fancy features, without compromise with the high-quality, just more of what you need.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Perfect shaker for the summer

Solid shaker that keeps your drink cold for a long time. Used it on vacation in Croatia in +25 degrees and it held my drink cold the whole day when filling with cold drink and a little ice.

Good quality

I am satisfied with the product. I wish there were a smaller version for abt 400 ml

Scott Henry
Leaked, faulty

Leaked straight away, customer service team asked me to prove it with a video then continued to query if I had fastened the lid tight enough closed. Very dissapointed.

Not satisfied

After using mine for a couple of months im not satisfied with my product. The handle broke, the insulation doesnt really work that well either.

Floris Borremans
Awsome product but…

I really love the smartshake SS insulated shaker. I now have 4 of them and i use them daily. For Shakes or just water in the gym… unfortunately the lids arent so great and sometimes a bit leaky on the place where you screw them on the beaker. :( i have 1 which is really leak now and 1 who loses a droplet now and then. The great plus on these shakers is tht they keep my shakes cold even after standing in the car whilst in gym.